Pricing Guides

Decorated Cookies

*My cookie and royal icing recipes contain egg and dairy products.

Basic Decorated Designs:  $70 per dozen

Most cookies fall into this category. Custom requests with basic designs have a two dozen minimum and will include three to four different cookie designs. 

Cookies with hand painted or 3D elements:  $80+ per dozen

This includes any designs that require hand painted details, airbrushing, or 3D elements such as florals. Two dozen minimum is required. $80 is the base price and can go up depending on the amount of detail and the variety of designs. 

Minis:  $15-$20

Most mini packs are part of preorder and holiday sales, not available for custom orders  

Heat sealing:  Now included in the cost. The benefit of this add on is being able to hand out your goodies as party favors. It also helps extend shelf life and helps cookies maintain freshness longer. Up to two weeks!



*Prices may vary depending on your specific needs. When in doubt, send me a message! Basic naked cakes or buttercream only cakes start at $6 per serving. Buttercream with fondant topper details start at $8 per serving. Basic fondant covered cakes start at $10 per serving. Detailed fondant covered cakes with airbrushed or hand painted work starts at $12 per serving. For multitiered or sculpted cakes, we would need to communicate those details prior to receiving an estimate. 

6" round- $60-$120. Serves approximately 10. This is also a common smash cake size.

8" round- $120-$240 Serves approximately 20.

9" round- $180-$360. Serves approximately 30.

10" round- $240-$480. Serves approximately 40.


Cookie Classes

In person classes- Workshops start at $60 per seat. In person class sizes can range from 8-15 guests (not including me). If you need to make arrangements for a larger group, please feel free to email me with your request. Classes are nonrefundable due to the amount of prep work involved. These are intended for adults only. 

Online classes- Range between $15-$75 depending on the content and difficulty level. The great thing about an online class is that you have access to course content forever! You also get to work at your own pace. Cookies and decorating materials will not be provided for online classes. Recipes and step by step workbooks will be included.